XLLoop 0.2.0 Released

A new release of XLLoop is now available (0.2.0). The new features and changes are:

  • Added popup to client for long running operations (with option to cancel request)
  • Added native Ruby server
  • Added native Python server
  • Added native R server
  • Fixed native Erlang server
  • Buffered streams on java server for improved performance
  • Improvements to reliability on binary protocol
  • Support up to 512 registered functions
  • Reduced xll size by using wcrt

Download at the XLLoop Sourceforge Site.


6 Responses to XLLoop 0.2.0 Released

  1. Sal Kadam says:

    I am trying to use XLLoop, it is a amazing project.
    I needed some direction on , how I can achieve this.
    When my Java function returns a 1 or 2 dimension array, how do I auto-populate all my values in excel
    without pressing CTRL-SHIFT Enter.

    Can you please give me some direction on this.


    • poidasmith says:


      Thanks for the feedback. This is a feature of excel really. You can go to tools->options->calculation and set it to manual then you just need to press shift-f9 to update the whole sheet.


      • Sal Kadam says:

        Thanks for the reply.

        Let me describe my problem little better.

        I have a method
        double[] Util.getAvg()
        say which return a 1-dimension array of 10 double.

        So when i am on cell A1 and type =FS(“Util.getAvg” ). How can i auto fill excel
        Cell from A1:A10 or A1:J1.

        Same for if my method return a double[][], how do i fill A1:J10.

        Is there something i can setup on excel or we will have to enhance XLLoop to do that.

        Please point me to the right direction.


      • poidasmith says:


        You might want to take a look at http://excelmvf.sourceforge.net/


      • Sal Kadam says:

        Thanks for pointing me to the sourceforge project. But we are looking to use XLLoop completely in Java.

        And we also have couple of other needs, if you could please point us to right direction. We can also help to contribute to the project also .

        1. Limit on number of parameter. Is it currently 10 and can it be increased to 20.

        2. Find out a way to populate a range of excel cells when function returns a single/double dimension array.

        3. Can we somehow pass a UserContext when we register to XLLoop server
        and then use that context for some entitlement for functions on the server.

        4. Is nested function call possible.

        Hope to get some direction from you.

        Thanks for all your help.

  2. Geovanny says:

    Dear Boris,

    Is there a way to push data using xlloop?. A bit like using RTD?.



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