XLLoop 0.3.0 Released

A new version of XLLoop is now available at the sourceforge site: xlloop.sf.net.

The main changes are:

  • Added JSON over HTTP(S) protocol support
  • Added native PHP server
  • Added support for multiple servers in binary protocol mode
  • Functions can now support up to 30 arguments (and variable length)
  • Added ability to send caller information (sending sheet and cell)
  • Improvements in reliability of binary protocol
  • Addin name now defaults to the filename (minus .xll)
  • Added an Initialize call when addin first connects. This can send user information
    (for initializing a user session)

2 Responses to XLLoop 0.3.0 Released

  1. Vicente Soler says:


    I’m trying to install XLLOOP but the zip file does not explain how-to (or I haven’t found it). I would like to use Python functions from within Excel.

    Is ther a tutorial, demo, youtube video or anything else on how to start? Maybe some examples with python as a Com server?

    Thank you

  2. poidasmith says:


    The zip file contains an excel addin – you go to Tools->Addins->Browse in excel to add it.

    The server is run as a separate process. You should be able to run the server-example.py example in the download as long as you have a python interpreter on your machine.


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