XLLoop Without the INI File

The following post shows you how you can customize the XLLoop XLL addin without having to deploy the INI file along-side the XLL. It involves embedded the INI file inside the XLL addin.

The steps are:

1. Download WinRun4J from winrun4j.sourceforge.net.

2. Unpack the zip file and grab RCEDIT.exe

3. If you run RCEDIT without any arguments you will see the following usage information:

WinRun4J Resource Editor v1.0 (winrun4j.sf.net)

Edits resources in executables (EXE) and dynamic link-libraries (DLL).

RCEDIT <option>  [resource]

  filename      Specifies the filename of the EXE/DLL.
  resource      Specifies the name of the resource to add to the EXE/DLL.
  /I            Set the icon as the default icon for the executable.
  /A            Adds an icon to the EXE/DLL.
  /N            Sets the INI file.
  /J            Adds a JAR file.
  /E            Extracts a JAR file from the EXE/DLL.
  /S            Sets the splash image.
  /H            Adds an HTML file the EXE/DLL.
  /C            Clears all resources from the EXE/DLL.
  /L            Lists the resources in the EXE/DLL.
  /P            Outputs the contents of the INI file in the EXE.
  /R            Loads a script file listing resource settings.
  /W            Same as /R but clears all resources first.
  /D            Further help on /R command.

The option you need is /N. This allows you to embed your INI file inside the XLL.

4. Run the following command:

RCEDIT.exe /N xlloop.xll xlloop.ini

Where “xlloop.xll” is the name of the XLLoop XLL file and “xlloop.ini” is the name of the INI file.


XLLoop 0.3.1 Released

A new version of XLLoop is now available at the sourceforge site: xlloop.sf.net.

The main changes are:

  • Added round-robin connection mode for multiple servers in binary mode
  • Added retry ability to binary mode
  • Added annotation support for function information to reflection-based java functions
  • Java server framework now requires Java 1.5 (for annotations)
  • Generic function category can be customized
  • Added ability to load INI keys from an external file
  • Added ability to load INI keys from the registry